About Optical Fiber Sensor Group

The Optical Fiber Sensor Group is under Sino-German College of Intelligent Manufacturing, Shenzhen Technology University. It is started in 2017, is led by Prof Julian, Chan Chi Chiu. We currently have 5 research staffs, 3 PhD students and many Master and Undergraduate students, as well as visiting students and staffs. Since the start of Optical Fiber Sensor Group, we have been focused on the development of a variety of optical fiber based sensors, such as temperature sensor, strain sensor, refractive index sensor, humidity sensor, pH sensor, chemical sensor, biosensor and magnetic field sensor.

We have recently done a series of work, using fiber grating technology combined with chemical film forming technology to measure blade pressure and grip strength in kayaks in real time, which is a pioneering work in this particular research field. Besides that, we have other projects using optical fiber with function materials for sensing. We also investigate on how to use optical fibers as platforms for opto-fluidic and chemical/biomedical sensing and we have already had some demonstration on that.

Much effort has been put into the development of sensor head, we started a project in 2017 which is to develop a real-time water quality monitoring system based on fiber-optic chemical sensors, combining optical fiber sensing, chemical filming, nanotechnology and system integration, In order to achieve real-time, rapid and efficient monitoring of water quality parameters such as heavy metal ion concentration, pH value and temperature in water. The project will last for three years.

Our research laboratory is located in the Bio-Industrial Park of Shenzhen Technology University. Most of the facilities required for the sensing experiments can be found in the lab while we share some of the equipment with other research groups.


Latest News

15 Jan 2018

Congratulations on R.Ravikumar's new publication

Congratulations that our exchange student Raghunandhan Ravikumar's paper 'Chitosan-nickel film based interferometric optical fiber sensor for label-free detection of histidine tagged proteins' is published on BIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS today.

Mar 2018

Congratulations on Qifei's new publication

Congratulations that our exchagne student Ma Qifei's paper 'Carbon-nanotube/Polyvinyl alcohol coated thin core fiber sensor for humidity measurement' is published on Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical today.